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Our Featured Website Redesign

Many businesses have an existing website and they approach us for a website redesign, which is where we use some or all of the existing content, but add additional elements and make sure images and content are up to date. A redesign will also ensure your site is mobile friendly and full of SEO magic.

Our redesign of Dr Liana Rodriguez’s website was a great project to be involved with. Dr. Liana is a Functional Medicine doctor, helping people get to the root of their chronic health conditions. She does consultations in person and online, so she needed to freshen up her website with stunning images, helpful information, and informative videos. Dr. Liana does lots of public speaking and steers interested parties to her website where we created appealing opt-ins in hopes of gathering more members to her tribe. We also created great looking landing pages that include downloadable guides. Best of all, she knows she can depend on us to make timely updates and help make her vision for her website come true!

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